Walnut Book Charkha (WB3)


This is a Book shaped Charkha made from solid Walnut Wood. Delicate hand carving is done on both the outer sides of the charkha and the wheels as well.  This charkha comes with a hard board box to keep charkha and its accessories.  It’s fun to spin and a precious item to gift or treasure…
▪ Walnut wood carved body with wax polish.
▪ Walnut wood carved Main Wheel and the Speed wheel.
▪ Custom Spindle Holder with a special self-lubricated material patch.
▪ Brass hinges.
▪ Stainless Steel spindles and custom spindle collar holder.
▪ Stainless Steel winder rods and anodized Main Wheel handle.
▪ Custom made slider with Stainless Steel axels for both – Main & Speed Wheels.
▪ Custom made rubber O rings.
▪ Size: length =26 cm, width = 17 cm, height = 7 cm
▪ Weight: 1.550 Kg
▪ Hand carved in India.

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Hand Carving Design on the charkha…



Walnut Box 3

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