Spinning Cotton on the Charkha with Eileen Hallman DVD


A must for beginners as well as seasoned spinners!

Clear and easy instructions for the beginners to get started smoothly and start spinning their first yarn! And , this video also demonstrates some innovative spinning techniques that many spinning teachers might find useful!

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▪ Visual instructions in Basic Techniques and Charkha Proficiency sections.
▪ Part I covers Charkha assembly , safety tips, basic spinning techniques, potential problems and their solutions, techniques for winding on, storing spindles in the middle of a project, setting up and using Charkha and skeiner.
▪ Part II covers starting a new spindle without a leader, variety of speed spinning techniques, tools and techniques to measure yarn diameter, twist angle and yarn count.
▪ Eileen has developed a great angle guage to help you get consistent results time after time and she also shows you how to make an efficient guage to count wraps per inch.

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