Charkha Spindles Set


A set of 3 each charkha spindles.

Extra spindle for your Book Charkha, Box Charkha, Bigger Box Charkha, Mini Traditional Charkha or Traditional Charkha Model.Book Charkha and Box Charkha use the same length of Spindles whereas the Spindles for Bigger Box and Traditional Charkha are slightly longer.

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The custom grommet makes the task of setting up a spindle for spinning very simple, easy, neat and fast! No need to build stoppers to hold the yarn stopper in place before you start spinning. The rubber grommet holds the yarn stopper in place on the rod firmly and securely. You can adjust the distance between the Yarn stopper and spindle pulley just by pushing the disk-grommet assembly forward/backward as required. So just mount the spindle on the spindle holder (mouse-trap) with O ring and start spinning!

▪ Book Charkha (Walnut, Standard &Traditional Models) and Box Charkha (Traditional) have spindles of 6.5 inch tip to tip length.
▪ Bigger Box Charkha (Traditional) & Kisan Charkha (Traditional) has spindles of 7 inch length.
▪ Table Top Traditional Charkha models have 9 inch long spindles. These spindles have MS Steel electroplated rods.

Product Features:

▪ Stainless Steel yarn Stopper.
▪ Custom grommet made from rubber.
▪ Can be used in “Traditional” as well as “Standard” models of the charkhas.
▪ Made in India.


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