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Pashmina Fiber (Cashmere)

Pashmina also known as “Cashmere” is the fiber derived from the hair of domesticated goat - Capra hircus - indigenous to high altitude areas of Asia. It is the softest, most luxurious, warmest and the best wool to spin and to wear!  This Capra hircus goat is blessed by nature with a unique very thin [...]

Charkha Master

Charkha Master A Meeting with Narayan Desai By Mark Shepard Excerpted from the book Gandhi Today: A Report on India's Gandhi Movement and Its Experiments in Nonviolence and Small Scale Alternatives, Simple Productions, Arcata, California, 1987 It happened in a dormitory room at Sarva Seva Sangh’s national headquarters in Benares, at a meeting to organize [...]


"Khadi” is an Indian Handspun and Hand woven cloth. The yarns are handspun on the Charkha and they are woven into a fabric by using Handloom. The yarns, primarily are spun from cotton, though Silk or Wool is also used. Khadi has a prominent place in freedom struggle of India. It started with an attempt [...]

Durrie Weaving

Decorating the surrounding is human instinct. People strive to make the places of their living/functioning more beautiful and soothing with attractive colors . And with rapid growth in awareness of style and fashion, majority of them express themselves with unique tools and accessories. Durries have been created and used for covering and decorating areas in [...]

Hand Carved Walnut Charkhas

Hand Carved Walnut Book Charkha (Standard) These are hand carved charkhas in Walnut wood. We encourage artisans to express their carving skills to the fullest. Consequently, all the charkhas have different type of design carved on them. The quality of the inside charkha parts is same as that of Standard Book Charkha. So you get the [...]

Book Charkha (Traditional)

Spinning on the Charkha is fun! It has meditative qualities! Traditional Charkhas needs some efforts on the spinners part initially, but these efforts are paid in full once you get the hang of it. Spinning on the Charkha is addictive! Once you have mastered the technique of spinning, you would enjoy the smooth & relaxing […]

Box Charkha Traditional

This is a traditional model of  Box Charkha. The compact Charkha is in a shape of the Box and is very compact and slightly heavier than Book Charkha. With just around 1.5 Kg weight, it can easily be carried wherever you go! Traditional Charkhas are crafted by the passionate & skilled artisans who have been […]