Box Charkha Traditional

Box Charkha Traditional

This is a traditional model of  Box Charkha. The compact Charkha is in a shape of the Box and is very compact and slightly heavier than Book Charkha. With just around 1.5 Kg weight, it can easily be carried wherever you go!

Traditional Charkhas are crafted by the passionate & skilled artisans who have been crafting these charkhas from generations. So as to maintain its nature and tradition, they are still crafted in the same traditional ways. The material use and the methods are the same. The Charkha box frame is made from Teak Wood & Plywood is fitted to close the the frame. The outer sides of the completed box are then polished using French Varnish finish. The inner sides may not be polished or may have only light touch of the polish. So in some charkhas you may find the Plywood company logo visible on the inside. (This does not hamper the charkha operation in any way! ) The Charkha formats, material used & the methods used are the same as have been followed by the earlier generations. You need to ‘tune’ the Charkha first time to start spinning on them. Also they need some oiling at the friction points. But these efforts are paid in full once you start spinning on them! Hand spinning on Charkhas is addictive! It gives you peace of mind and joy of creativity!!

We have provided pictorial information about this wonderful Charkha, it’s parts & assembly in a PDF form. Just click the link below to access the document.

Box Charkha Traditional Instructions

Happy Spinning!!!